Political Constructions of Europe New Historical and Sociological Approaches

Residential Summer CNRS School

moulin_sDate : June 27th-30th 2016

Deadline for the call for proposals : March 15th 2016

The second edition of the Summer school will bring together senior scholars, postdoctoral students, and Ph.D candidates for an intensive four-day exchange on new historical and sociological approaches to European Studies. It will be a unique opportunity for in-depth empirical, methodological and conceptual discussions on the study of the European Union and an occasion to strengthen and broaden existing European networks of scholars.

The residential Summer school follows three objectives. The first is the diffusion of new research concepts, methods and research techniques which have developed in parallel within the different disciplines (historical sociology, field-theory, prosopography, articulation between quantitative and qualitative methodologies, etc.). The second is the development of forms of reflexivity of EU studies’ scholars, a domain which has remained for the most part a blindspot, but which has recently become a topic of research interest regarding the “making of the European Union”. The third is to consolidate to take stock of recent developments in cross-disciplinary research and identify some shared objects for future research.

To read more, click here : CNRS Summer School-2016.

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